Welcome to 40 Days to Financial Freedom!

This ‘playlist’ of sorts will take you from wherever you are now to a healthier, peaceful place with your money one small step at a time in about 6 weeks. You’ll watch some lessons from The Catholic Money Course, listen to some episodes of The Catholic Money Show podcast, and complete some exercises along the way. You’re entire financial life won’t be totally renewed in only 40 days, but following this guide will not only get you off to a great start, but also help you see quite a difference in a short time.

Note: While we give you something to do each day, feel free to do a few at a time to get ahead or catch up, depending on your needs. There are only 6 days per “week:” this gives you a “day off” each week. And while the dates below are for Lent 2024, you can follow this guide anytime: simply ignore the dates and make budgets at the end of the month.

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