#19 An Offer They Can’t Refuse 📄

WalletWin Podcast

Getting your bid on a house selected isn’t a game of chance. In this episode we’ll share how we beat out cash offers for MORE MONEY, and you can too. Music in this episode is by Dylan Gardner – check out his album Almost Real on iTunes, Spotify, or wherever you listen to great music.

#18 The Hunt 🏘

WalletWin Podcast

Once you’re finally ready to pull the trigger on home buying, the hunt begins. But how do you avoid having to look at 150 homes, getting constantly outbid, offering on a pig with lipstick, or going home after pounding the pavement and crying into your wine? Well in today’s episode, we’re gonna show you how to make the hunt quick, …

#17 How to Get Ready to Buy a House ?

Jonathan Podcast

Spring is a traditional time when home buying and selling really heats up. How do you make sure your dream home doesn’t turn into a nightmare? In this episode, we’re talking about 3 smart ways to prepare to buy a home. Need to check your credit report? The official site for your free reports is AnnualCreditReport.com Music in this episode …

#16 Fudgey in the Budgey ?

WalletWin Podcast

Ever created a budget only to have it blown to smithereens by life? Ya know, a baseball through a window, your kid grew faster than you anticipated, a nail in your car tire, or a even a random field trip. Whether you’re a beginner budgeter or an expert, it’s inevitable that unexpected expenses will pop up every now again. While …

#15 How to Avoid Money Fights

Jonathan Podcast

“I DON’T WORK MY BUTT OFF TO SUPPORT YOUR POTTERY BARN LIFESTYLE!!!” is what I said in one of our earliest money fights. That’s right, we’re talking money and relationships in today’s episode and covering 4 common money mistakes that leave couples stained and drained and how to avoid them without fighting. How to get your FREE Guide to the …

18 Tips for a Debt-Free Christmas

Jonathan Uncategorized

Did you know that 28% of people are still paying off LAST December’s holiday season?! You deserve to have a peaceful, stress-free Christmas and a key component to that is knowing you won’t have a January financial hangover. We asked a few of our friends around the internet for their best Christmas money tips. Here’s what they said: Set the …