Most of us were never taught how to handle money, let alone what God has to say about it. Just thinking about money makes us worried and anxious. If you’re tired of living in debt, stuck in the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle, stressed out when emergencies pop up, and wish you could be more generous, Jonathan and Amanda Teixeira are here to help.

How to Attack Debt, Build Savings, and Change the World Through Generosity is your step-by-step guide to gaining control of your money so that, as a Catholic, you can live your life in freedom and generosity according to God’s will. The Teixeiras make learning about your finances not just informative and helpful but fun and entertaining. Among other topics, they cover:

  • What money really is — and why you should care about it as a Catholic
  • Common mistakes people make that keep them in debt
  • The key to gaining financial momentum (hint, it’s not a bigger income)
  • How to get the financial results you want while actually enjoying your life
  • A financial blueprint you can use to get out of debt, build savings, and live generously

The Teixeiras will walk you through a proven, practical strategy for managing your money, no matter what your circumstances. You’ll hear stories from individuals and families who have applied the Teixeiras’ method and changed their lives. Ultimately, Jonathan and Amanda will equip you to pursue financial freedom for yourself and your family — and change the world while you’re at it.


About the Authors

Jonathan and Amanda Teixeira are cofounders of WalletWin, a financial-success program and podcast that help everyday Catholics get intentional with money. In 2012, they were $24,500 in debt, but in less than eight months, they had paid off all their loans and closed the doors on debt forever. Since kicking debt to the curb, they’ve focused on saving, investing, and giving, and they’re now teaching others how to do the same.