Updated: July 18, 2023

How to Sue Google and Facebook and Win

Ever wish you could sue, say, Google or Facebook? Well, you can! And you’ll win (8 bucks or so)! Dive into the world of class-action lawsuits in this episode of The Catholic Money Show!

Class-Action Lawsuit Sites

Specific Suits You’re Probably Eligible For


[00:02:18] Class action lawsuits happen frequently, and it’s possible you may have been affected without knowing. A recent example involved Amanda receiving a $300+ check for purchasing disposable contact lenses. Further details can be found at

[00:05:08] You may be contacted for a class-action lawsuit if you’re on the customer list, but sometimes even if you’re affected, you might not be on the list due, so you need to check yourself.

[00:09:30] Examples: dry shampoo, using Google between 2006 and 2013, etc.

[00:14:06] Tips for finding and filling out claims.

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