Can You Imagine...

Having a peaceful feeling instead of an oh-crap dread every time you check your bank account?
Checking the mail without fear of bills?

Feeling confident and capable in the face of unexpected expenses instead of panicing?

Giving to causes and charities that align with your heart?

Catching the newest Marvel movie with friends without feeling guilty?

Telling your money what to do instead of the other way around?

(Yes? Keep Reading.)


We’ve been there. 

We know what it’s like to live the “average” life. The life where money is either a dirty word or a constant obsession. The life where keeping up with the Kardashians—or even just your neighbor—has left you with piles of debt and no financial plan for the future.

Back in 2012, we decided enough was enough. It was time for a change.

We paid off $24,500 in debt in only 7.5 months on a lower than average income and it set us on the road to total financial freedom we’ve continued to walk down to this very day.

By changing how we approached our finances, we changed our life. 

When you drive past Chipotle, what goes through your head?

(Just roll with us, here. We’re burrito lovers. 🌯😍)


“I’m too tired to make dinner. I really want Chipotle. But I think I’ve spent way too much money this month, and rent’s due next week, right? How much is in my account right now?Man, I really want Chipotle. I’ll just get it and deal with it later. Crap, the gas tank's low. Maybe I could just put in 8 dollars less than a full tank? Or put the gas on the credit card? Are you allowed to put rent on a credit card? I’m not even sure how my credit card works. And also, I’m starving.”

- OR-

“Ooh, Chipotle! I have enough in the budget for that, and I know the rest of the month we don’t have any other restaurant nights planned. I know the guac is extra, but what the heck—I’m going for it.

Which sounds better to you?


If you're realizing that you don't know anything about money, don't panic. You're in the right place.

You know you need to save money and shop smarter, but all of those happy-golucky sayings fly out the door when you get invited to a Happy Hour, spot a Starbucks with a drive-thru, or see a Lightning Deal on Amazon.

What you need is a solid resource that can help you understand how money works and cultivate habits to make it work for you.

Whether you’re a deep-in-the-details numbers guru or a free-spirited buy-as-youplease spender, learning how to manage your money is a life skill that should be taught early on in life. Unfortunately, it’s oftentimes not, leaving adults feeling clueless about what to do with their wallets.

We’re here to offer a solution that can take your finances from how-muchdo- we-have-in-the-bank-account-again? to total financial freedom.


WalletWin is an 8-module online, on-demand, financial freedom course designed to get you budgeting, kicking debt in the face, saving like never before, investing with intentionality, and giving with a generous heart. It provides the tools to change your life and make the world a better place. 

WalletWin walks you through the four financial phases you need to progress through and the ten milestones you meet along the journey towards financial independence. Cracking the whip on your finances is hard work, not something you stumble into, and that’s why we want to help you through it. Our sole job is to cut through the freaking noise, slash stress, and get you serious results using simple, straightforward strategies.


"It's the down and dirty about everything you need to know about finances."

Joey and Juliana
Denver, CO


“Whether you're just looking to round out your budgeting skills or kick debt in the patootie, WalletWin actually gets you results.”

Derry, NH


WalletWin gave me the confidence and blueprint to ensure my family was taking the proper steps to become debt-free and financially prepared for our future.”

San Antonio, TX

8 Modules? Let's Break 'Em Down

Each module consists of 3-6 videos and will take 1-2 hours to complete. The
course is go-at-your-own-pace, so no worries about the time commitment.

Here's (Some of) What You'll Learn:


Scroll to check out all eight!

Module 1: Money Mindset

  • What is money really all about?
  • What's the deeper reason that motivates you to use money well?
  • Which money habits have you carried from your upbringing—maybe without knowing about it?
  • What is your financial personality type and how does it influence your interactions with money?

Do You Really Need to Take This Class?

If ANY of the Following Apply to You...

You’re sick of crushing monthly payments that are stressing you out and preventing you from living the life you want to live.

You know you want to create long-term wealth but have no idea where to get started and aren’t sure which experts to trust.
You want to be able to give money away to causes you believe in but never feel like you have enough for yourself, let alone for others.
You see others living with peace of mind about their finances, and you desire the same peace.

...then WalletWin is for you.


    What's the Cost?

    What's the cost of not acting now and continuing to pull your hair out over your finances?

    How much interest will you pay on your debt this year?

    How much stress will you feel?

    How distracted will you be on campus, worrying about your financial situation?

    If you're married, how many money fights will eat away at the foundation of your marriage?

    When it comes to getting your finances back on track, inaction can be costly. Stop wasting opportunities and start your financial turnaround today.

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    Ready to Work?

    If you're going to take the WalletWin Course, you have to give it your all.

    In addition to the registration fee, you’ll need to give us your commitment to changing your life.

    We can lead you to water, but you need to choose take a drink. We’re here to guide you through the process, each step of the way.

    You can’t do it alone, and we’re here to help you live the life you deserve—one without the shackles of money stress.

    Are you ready to commit to a life of financial freedom?

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    Meet Your Guides

    Well Hey there! We’re Jonathan and Amanda Teixeira, Chief WalletWinners around our neck of the woods. We’re the duo—and happily married couple—behind WalletWin, where we help everyday people—like YOU!—create the life of their dreams by dumping debt and getting intentional about handling their money.

    WalletWin isn’t something we just threw together in a few days. It's crafted from years of personal experience both living it out and helping others do the same.

    In January 2012 we had $24,500 in debt and a deep desire to break free. A short—and zealous—7.5 months later we wrote our last check to Sallie Mae and closed the doors on debt forever. Since kicking debt to the curb, we’ve focused on saving, investing, and giving in a way that set us up for total financial independence for a lifetime.

    Casually, a couple of people asked us money questions and we answered them. That snowballed and turned into hundreds of people asking questions, speaking at events, and providing 1:1 custom financial coaching.

    That’s when we started scratching our noggins and realized that we have a unique ability to teach others about this whole financial freedom thang.

    Thus, WalletWin was born.

    It’s our honor and privilege to be your guides on YOUR journey towards financial freedom. Thank you for inviting us into this aspect of your life. We promise to do everything in our power to get you real results as fast as possible.



    Shoot 'em our way at [email protected] or use the chat widget to ask us directly! We'd love to chat with you!