Learn to Handle Finances Together

Stop/prevent money fights and work together towards your goals and dreams

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Work Together to Win

Understand your individual money relationships and how they interact with each other

Learn how to merge your finances and play as a team

Work together to make your shared goals and dreams your reality.

What You'll Learn

  • Examine Your Relationship with Money

    Take a look at your personal wins, losses, perspectives, and history with money and finances to better understand your relationship with money.

  • Share Your Stories

    Come together as a couple, share your financial histories in a safe way, and keep the hard (sometimes) but very good (always) conversations going.

  • Merge Your Finances

    Become one–financially–and bring your accounts under one roof–yours.

  • Dream Together

    What are the biggest priorities and dreams for you and your family? What does your future hold?

  • Create a Plan

    To work together to achieve your goals and see your family's dreams become your reality.


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  • Worksheets and Guides
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What You'll Learn

Dive into different aspect of managing your money as a team in three different workshops.

Money Mindset

Discover how your financial past can impact your future. Examine your ideas and beliefs about money, both as individuals and a couple. Learn how to discuss money without starting a fight.

Merging Your Money

Uncover the importance of managing your money as a team and learn the step-by-step process for building a financial life together.

Goals and Dreams Workshop

What goals and dreams do you have for your family? In this workshop you'll not only put them down in words, but prioritize them and create a plan for making them a reality.