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Featured image for “Why You Need a Rule of Life And How to Make One”
July 16, 2024

Why You Need a Rule of Life And How to Make One

Discover how creating a personalized rule of life can transform your family’s daily chaos into intentional and fulfilling living, all while keeping faith at the heart of it.
Featured image for “This Summer’s Hottest Souvenir: Vacation Debt”
July 9, 2024

This Summer’s Hottest Souvenir: Vacation Debt

Explore the hidden costs of vacationing on credit and discover savvy strategies for rejuvenating without the debt.
Featured image for “Debt-Free in a Year or Less”
July 2, 2024

Debt-Free in a Year or Less

Explore how a mindset shift from daunting debt to financial empowerment can redefine your relationship with money and align it with Catholic principles.
Featured image for “Can Catholics Go to Disney? with Trent Horn”
June 25, 2024

Can Catholics Go to Disney? with Trent Horn

Uncover the moral complexities of supporting companies like Disney and navigate the fine line between conscience-based consumerism and practical prudence.
Featured image for “A Spender (Jonathan) Tries to Understand a Saver (Amanda)”
June 18, 2024

A Spender (Jonathan) Tries to Understand a Saver (Amanda)

In this episode of The Catholic Money Show, Amanda and Jonathan dive into the dynamics of being a spender vs. a saver within a marriage. They explore how their differing financial styles impact their family life, sharing personal anecdotes, struggles, and moments of growth. Amanda reveals key experiences that have shaped her saver mentality, while Jonathan discusses his creative schemes
Featured image for “When a Saver Wife Interviews a Spender Husband”
June 11, 2024

When a Saver Wife Interviews a Spender Husband

Get the scoop on how different money habits shake things up as Amanda, the saver, interviews Jonathan, the spender, in a fun and eye-opening chat.
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