#145 Is Debt Getting in the Way of Your Vocation

WalletWin Podcast

The Catholic Church is in the midst of a Vocations Crisis. Does debt have a role in preventing people from entering religious life? Is debt affecting people’s decision to get married? In this week’s episode, Jonathan and Amanda explore these questions and more. Mentioned in today’s episode: WSJ Article: When Student Debt Stands in the Way of Religious Poverty FREE …

#114 The Truth About Student Loans with George Kamel

WalletWin Podcast

Student loans are crippling a generation. But do you really need student loans to go to college or succeed in life? We chat with student loan expert George Kamel in this episode and dish all things student loans.  🎁 Preorder our book How to Attack Debt, Build Savings, and Change the World Through Generosity and claim your preorder bonuses at …

#106 Is Debt Consolidation Worth It?

WalletWin Podcast

Debt consolidation – a must-have tool for defeating debt or a distraction standing in your way? The answer might surprise you! Download free Debt Payoff Resources at WalletWin.com Music in this episode is by Dylan Gardner – check out his album Almost Real on iTunes, Spotify, or wherever you listen to great music.

#42 I’m Dreaming of a Debt-Free Christmas ?

Jonathan Podcast

Have you ever found yourself stuck in the new year, paying off debt from the Christmas before? In this episode, we talk all about how you can give yourself the gift of a debt-free Christmas.   Want to make sure your dreams of a white Christmas don’t turn into nightmares when January’s bills come in the mail? ?Check out our …