Updated: April 26, 2022

#142 Spiritual Kicks in the Pants

This week, Jonathan and Amanda pull some wisdom from St. Josemaría Escrivá’s The Way. Throughout Lent, Amanda has been drawing inspiration from this holy man’s words, especially what he says about money and wealth.

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Passages We Reflect On:
– 487 – Don’t worry about financial difficulties in store for your apostolic undertaking. Have greater confidence in God; do all that you human means permit, and you’ll see how soon money ceases to be a difficulty!
– 631 – Detach yourself from the good of this world. Love and practice poverty of spirit: be content with what is sufficient for leading a simple and temperate life. Otherwise, you’ll never be an apostle.
– 632 – True poverty is not to lack things but to be detached, to give up voluntarily one’s dominion over them. That’s why some poor people are really rich…and vice versa.
– 635 – You don’t have the spirit of poverty if you don’t select for yourself what is worst, when you are able to choose in such a way that it will not be noticed.
– 708 – The world, the devil and the flesh are a band of adventurers who take advantage of the weakness of that savage you have within you. In exchange fo the poor bauble of pleasure, which is worth nothing, they want you to hand over to them the pure gold and the pearls, the diamonds and the rubies, drenched in the living and redeeming blood of your God—the price and the treasure of your eternity.

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