Updated: December 11, 2019

#47 Five Last-Minute Christmas Gifts that Mean a Lot but Don’t Cost a Lot

Time is ticking down until Christmas – and maybe your Christmas budget is getting smaller too! In today’s episode, we’re sharing 5 gift ideas that mean a lot, but don’t cost a lot!

What Makes a Good Gift

Some people love giving stuff. Some love getting stuff. Other could give a rip about stuff. Most people may think that gifts are all about the stuff. But it’s all about the stuff behind the stuff. That’s to say, what separates a good gift from a great gift (and both of those from a junky gift) is how well it articulates your relationship to the other person. How well it says ‘I see you. I know you. I love you.’ If you gifts lets them know you’ve noticed a particular part of their personality and passions, it’s a golden gift, no matter how much–or little–it costs.

5 Last-Minute Christmas Gifts that Mean a Lot Without Costing a Lot

1. Homemade Bread

My favorite to make (and eat) is a pretty straightforward sourdough bread. I used this recipe from the Kitchn. I was making this bread so much I even printed it out to keep in the kitchen. It’s so good. And pretty easy, too!

Pair this bread with some Kerrygold butter (grassfed and delicious!) or some high-quality jam/jelly/preserves, and your gift’s recipient will be well fed and very happy.

2. Movie Night in a Box

While this idea is great for movie lovers, pretty much everybody likes a good movie – so give them a movie night in a box! Here’s what to include:

  • Gift certificate ($5 will do it) for Redbox, Amazon Video, Google Play, or whatever service they prefer
  • A few packets of microwave popcorn (we really like Kirkland Signature)
  • A bunch of movie boxes of candy – grab these from Walmart or Dollar Tree to grab a great variety at a great price

3. Puzzle Book and Erasable Pen

This one will be a BIG hit with the puzzle lovers in your life. Seriously. A book of crosswords is right up some people’s alley (including mine ?). Word Searches, Logic Puzzles, whatever tickles their fancy, get them a book of it–they’ll be entertained (and thinking of you) all year long!

Or if you’re not quite sure what they like best–or they’re into a lot of different puzzles–grab a copy or two of a mixed puzzle book or puzzle magazine. This gives them a great variety of puzzles and can help them discover a new favorite!

Adding in an erasable pen adds a little somethin’ special to this gift. Most people don’t have erasable pens, so giving them one will be something unique, and it the perfect instrument for solving puzzles. I recommend anything Pilot’s Frixon line.

4. Fun Socks

Everybody wears socks. And some folks–myself included–are Sock People. We love them. Can’t get enough. Socks are our love language. If the person you’re shopping for is a Sock Person, you’re golden. Grab a fun pattern and you’ve just made their short list of best gifts.

But even if who you’re shopping for isn’t a Sock Person, they still need to wear socks. And they like something. These days, you can find socks with pretty much anything on them, so socks with their favorite thing on them will be a hit! It doesn’t matter if they love Star Wars, donuts, dogs, fine art, or craft beer–you can get socks that pair perfectly with their interests and passions.

5. Spa Day in a Box

This one will be a HUGE hit with some people–like Amanda. Other (like myself) may have never thought about a spa day, but if they’re open enough to try it out, will enjoy relaxing and taking a break. So, this is perfect for busy folks who might like to take some time to breathe.

While you could easily spend a lot of money booking a day at a spa or buying really fancy bath products, there’s no need to break the bank on this gift. You can easily put together a spa day in a box for $10-$20 at Target or Walmart. Just head to the makeup/bath/toiletries section. There you’ll find bath bombs, epsom salts, face masks, etc you can mix and match to create the perfect gift.


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